The Silver Story 2

In my opinion, the price of silver is going to explode and we are getting closer to that explosion day by day. Silver is currently at a low point and as I will explain it will go up from here. The two big questions (as with any investment) is when and how high it will rise. Everything that I say on this site is my opinion; I am not a financial advisor or a silver “expert”. What I am is somebody that has watched and studied silver for over 35 years. I am a computer tech and always try to use logic to help me process information and make decisions. I have gotten much of my knowledge about silver from Ted Butler and highly recommend his newsletter for anyone who wants to learn more about the silver story.

What I have been looking for is a website that tells the Silver Story as I believe it is. One that would help a nubee to silver understand where it is at and where it is going. A website that would also give the veteran silver watcher good current information and resources to help make investment decisions. A website that would provide information for as deep as you want to go.

If you are a Goldbug- I think gold will do fine and has a good outlook as a store of wealth in these turbulent times. But, I think silver will do much better than gold.

I think that anyone interested in making a good investment or protecting their wealth or both should buy silver. I assume people landing on this page will range from those who just want some info and ideas on why they should invest in silver to those who will want to investigate and research silver. I hope that the information provided below will help all gain useful more knowledge about silver. Please leave comments and questions.

If you don’t know the Silver Story and you hear “silver manipulation” you may just want to write it off as another “conspiracy theory”. I don’t think it is and I believe that logic proves that the silver price has been and is being manipulated to the downside. (see Facts)

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