Why this website?

I believe silver is going to go up in price by several hundred percent. I don’t know when, but it has to be sooner than later (doesn’t it?)- more on that later. I think anyone interested in silver- as an investment and/or a store of wealth, should learn as much as they need to either buy silver or forget about it. I have gone down the silver rabbit hole and don’t regret it. Not that I have made much money (yet) on silver, but I have really found the Silver Story interesting and compelling.

I have followed silver for over 35 years. I have seen the silver price go from under $5/oz. up to almost $50/oz. (April 2011) and then down to a range as low as $12 – $19 until a few months ago. The silver price has been on a volatile upward tear since early July (2020) and is currently (3/4/21) around $25/oz. I believe that silver is a tremendous investment opportunity and the more people who are aware of that, the more silver they buy, the higher the price goes, then more public awareness and more silver is sold and so on. I am not a silver “expert”, I am not an investment advisor, I am just a person who is interested in silver and I’m pissed. People have been getting away with what is or should be criminal manipulation of the silver market. Why isn’t the media reporting this? Why are the regulators not stopping this? I don’t know, but I do know when there is enough awareness of the silver market then the manipulation will be forced to end. I believe the following:

  • the silver price has been manipulated to the downside (see Silver Manipulation)
  • most of annual silver production is used and basically destroyed by industrial uses (see Supply & Demand)
  • there is a very limited (compared to other commodities) inventory of above ground silver.
  • The graphics at Markets gives a very good visualization of the size of different markets and the silver market is very small in comparison.
  • All manipulations must end and when they do the price of the manipulated item (silver in this case) will move strongly in the opposite direction of the manipulation. We are most used to things being manipulated higher in price and then the price crashing when the manipulation ends. With silver the price has been manipulated to the downside and when the manipulation ends silver will skyrocket.

My purpose for this website is to inform and hopefully spur people to action. I want this site to be a ‘hub” for information about silver. There is some good info out there. You will not read most of this info (at least yet) in the Main Stream Media (MSM). But, that doesn’t mean that it is not true or that it is some kind of conspiracy theory. It does mean that the Powers That Be (PTB) work hard to keep it quiet. There is some debate about why the silver market manipulation is happening and I will try to present some info on both sides of that debate. The why may be important as to how long the manipulation lasts and how it gets resolved. In my opinion the why does not matter as much as the fact that it is happening. The other big question is WHEN. When will the manipulation end? I have thought at different times over the last 10 years that it could end any day. It should have ended any day several times, but it hasn’t. What that indicates is that the manipulation (to date) is still advantageous to the some big banks, because the big banks seem to be the controller of this manipulation. The big 8 silver shorts are currently (2/23/21) short about 400Moz. (million ounces). They have not been able to reduce that amount for months.

How to Use this website.

As I have said, my main goal is to end the manipulation by “selling” silver as an investment. I am not selling anything on this site and don’t plan to have advertisements. I have been a computer tech for years and think I have a very logical thought process. The facts are what has attracted me to silver.

What I want to do is provide information and methods that will spur people to Action I am amazed that a cat video can go viral and have millions of views, but an investment opportunity that could help those same millions make a substantial profit is almost ignored. I want this site to be able to provide info for anyone- newbie to expert- to better understand the potential of silver. As I have said elsewhere on this site, if you have spent at least a couple of hours looking at this (and other) info about silver and don’t think it is for you, then it probably isn’t. But, if you know about or want to learn more about silver’s potential, then I urge you to frequent this site and we can work together to help make silver live up to its price potential. I am a believer in “crowd wisdom”. Where we put our knowledge and instincts together and come up with a wise plan. To get a good handle on where we are at and how this could be our time please read “Why not us?”. To understand more about the logistics and layout of the website please refer to About.

Let’s end this manipulation! Spread the word! Look at Actions to see what we can do. Please post or email me with your comments, questions and suggestions.