This post is about the structure of this website. I want it to be a cross between a forum and a blog. I want people to contribute their opinions, questions and ideas. Please help me make this site better and to provide the info that you are looking for. I want to provide info that will help get a silver newbie up to speed and help the silver expert determine how to best invest. The main focus of this website will be to help us determine how we can end the silver manipulation and make some money while doing that.

I had written some of these articles over 2 years ago. I have gone thru and updated the older articles and added new ones, but if you find any references to facts out of date, please let me know. Anytime I use words like – currently or recently – I try to put a date after because I find so many websites where you don’t know what time frame they are speaking of and it can make a big difference.

I also always try to stick to troy ounces as the default measurement. I see some sites and commentators who use tons or tonnes, I have seen metric tonnes and troy tonnes. I have put the conversions of tonnes into ounces or million ounces (moz.) in the Glossary for reference, but I like to use ounces. The average person buys in ounces, price is quoted in ounces and future contracts are sold in ounces.

As you may have noticed I am using quite a few links- both internal and external.  I want people to go as deep and fast as they want.  If you have spent a few hours on this and other sites and are not convinced that silver is a GREAT investment, then silver probably isn’t for you.  I personally don’t understand how ANYONE can understand the silver story and not see the huge potential, but I do understand that is is not an investment for all. Matter of fact it can’t be, there is not enough silver.  I try to be objective about silver, present the facts and then do the actions that we can do to start the snowball rolling down the hill. 

You will notice that I put some words in caps.  I am shouting certain things for effect.  I know that can make the narrative look “cheap”, but there are things that I want to emphasize and stand out.  I know that I am at best an average writer, but I do have a good editor (my wife) although I don’t know that she will have time to edit all my ramblings.  I want and need your feedback.  Comments are going to be a very important part of this site.  Butler is often asking his readers to tell him if they see things differently and that is what I want also. 

I am using many abbreviations and TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms) and will try to have them spelled out at least on the first article that I post them in, but I will also put them in the GLOSSARY for definitions.

Please let me know if you agree or disagree with anything that I am saying, as long as that is done respectfully and with some intellectual honesty.  What do I mean by “intellectual honesty”?  One way I would describe this is- I heard (before Covid19) that there were 6000 people that attended a “Flat Earth” convention.  Maybe it is a nice social gathering with people of like minds, but it is hard for me to believe that most of those people are being intellectually honest.  If you know something is not true and yet profess it to be true then that is not intellectually honest.  Truth is important to me. I know we can get into a whole discussion on what is truth and reality, but I think the bottom line is the world is not flat and if you are saying it is then you are either fooling yourself or trying to fool others.

Comment Parameters

As I have said on these pages the information given is my opinion. Please comment with your opinion and info. I am hoping that we can help each other figure out how to best invest in silver. I just ask that comments are:

  • Respectful
  • Not obscene
  • Intellectually honest

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