What is the purpose of The Silver Story website?

I have two main goals- help stop the silver manipulation and make some money when the price of silver goes thru the roof. 

I think silver is the best investment. As I will explain the two goals are inter-dependent and I believe if either happens the other will quickly follow.  I believe the following to be true-

  • The price of silver (and gold) has been manipulated for the last 20 – 30 years.  The price has been manipulated lower than it would be in a free market.
  • Every manipulation must end at some point, but I WANT TO SEE IT HAPPEN!
  • When a price manipulation ends, price will move strongly in the opposite direction of the manipulation.
  • The current availability of physical silver is not enough to meet the demands of silver fabrication AND investment demand when prices strongly rise in an un-manipulated market.

If you know what I am referencing in the above list and agree with most of it then this is your site and in the tab Silver Stackers you can get more info. Let’s work together to set the silver market free!  I know some people coming into this site will know little or nothing about silver and some people will know more about silver than I do.  I want to provide information that will be useful to ALL people who are interested in silver, but the initial focus of this site will be to spur silver bugs/silver stackers to actions that will stop the silver manipulation.  If you are a silver newbie or don’t agree with my belief list above but you want to learn more please go to the QuickSilver tab.  I will layout information and steps that I think will quickly get you informed and hopefully convince you that silver is a great investment opportunity. 

I have been interested in the “Silver Story” for over 35 years.  What I have learned about silver has come mainly from Ted Butler, Ed Steer and a few others.  I do not have any “new” facts to say about silver, but I do want to present some silver STRATEGY.  Why?  First and foremost is how relatively few people know and understand ANY of the silver story.  If you have coherent opinions (in agreement or disagreement) about what I am saying I would guess you are one of a very small population.  I don’t have anything against gold and I think gold will do well in the foreseeable future, but I think as an investment silver will do much better, at least until after the current silver price manipulation ends. Why?  Mainly because silver is such a small market (see size of Markets) both in readily available above ground silver (in 1000 oz. bars) and the relatively small amount of money that it would take to push silver prices to new highs.  I do believe that every bubble must burst and every manipulation must end.

Butler and Steer and a few others do a GREAT job of presenting the facts, what is happening, how it is happening and even some why it is happening, but they typically don’t go the next step and project how we can (and should) end this manipulation. I know that Butler thinks the manipulation should end, that the perpetrators are acting immorally and illegally, but he rarely goes to the next step- BUY SILVER.  I’m not an investment advisor, but what I want to put forth strategies of how we can end this manipulation and make some money.    

I encourage ALL to read and research as much as needed to understand the current state of silver, assuming you would like to make 300 –  400% profit in a relatively short timeframe.  Yes, silver has had a big run up lately and maybe by the time I get this posted there will be a big “correction” or it will be even higher.  The thing is, I think silver is going to $100+ and that is what I want all to understand.  Why/how it is going to $100+ and what we can do to make sure it does in a timely manner- not stretch out another 30 years. 

My hope is that this site will help inform all who want to learn more about silver.  If you are one of the lucky subscribers to Butler Research articles then you already know much of the info on this site.  The story is so fascinating to me that I can’t put it down.  A crime in progress, government agencies turning a blind eye, bankers manipulating, miners getting squeezed, the media and politicians ignoring and most of the world blissfully ignorant.  It could be a good novel. 

I want this site to be an open forum. Post your knowledge, information and questions about the silver market. I will be doing some moderation, but as long as your comments are civil and intellectually honest they will be posted. I believe in “crowd wisdom” and I think if we share our knowledge and perform some coordinated ACTIONS we can end the manipulation and help silver fulfill its price potential.

This manipulation has gone on far too long and when it ends there could be significant impact/upheaval.  But, I do believe that the sooner the manipulation is stopped, the less impactful to the economy it will be.  I envision it like blowing up a balloon.  It gets larger and you think it is going to pop and it gets larger, but it IS going to pop at some point.  Many people don’t understand how there can be manipulation to the downside.  We think of the housing bubble or the tulip bubble- no, I’m not old enough to remember that one.  My article on Silver Manipulation explains how that has been working. 

I am NOT an investment advisor.  I don’t have a degree in economics.  What I do have is a long and strong interest in silver and a belief that it is currently a tremendous investment.  If you are new to silver and/or do not read Butler, I highly recommend you do, to get an understanding of how this manipulation has worked.  Even subscribing for a month and reading current and past articles would be quite an education.  But, what Butler doesn’t explicitly do is tell us how we can end the manipulation and profit.  It is somewhat implied, but not stated.  He is very conscious of sticking to the facts and not “advising” his reader.   I too want to stick to the facts and I want to talk about actions and methods that will end this manipulation.  I have a page called ACTIONS that has some things we can do that I believe will lead to the end of the silver manipulation which I think will lead to $100+ silver. 

I have been working on the articles and info on this website on and off for over 2 years. I now want to get this site up ASAP so hopefully we can help keep the silver price momentum since July rolling upwards. So, if you find posts with errors or confusing please let me know either thru comments or you can email me at [email protected]. I plan on posting 1 or 2 articles a week so please visit often.