AgPeriodic table symbol for Silver
AuPeriodic table symbol for Gold
ASPIAvailable Silver Production for Investment
CFTCCommodity Futures Trading Commission- an agency of the US Government that regulates futures and option markets.
CME GroupOwner of the COMEX on which much of silver futures are traded
COTCommitment of Traders. A weekly report published by the CFTC that reports on future contract positions by different groups of traders.
ETFExchange Traded Fund
JPMJP Morgan
MA(s)Moving Average(s), some technical traders heavily use moving averages as trading signals
Moz.Million ounces
MSMMain Steam Media
PMPrecious Metal(s)
PTBThe powers that be- a phrase used to refer to those individuals or groups who hold authority over particular domains.
Silver contractA futures or options contract controlling 5000 ozs. of silver
SLVThe symbol for iShares an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) that is backed by silver
USDU.S. Dollar
USGU.S. Government