Following are a list of Links that I have found useful for silver info:

Ted Butler– the best precious metals commentary that I have found. He does talk about both gold and silver, but has a keen awareness of the uniqueness of the silver market.  Subscribers  typically get 2 articles per week for $34.95/month.  He also has a Free Archive of articles that he has released to the public over the last 11 years.

Ed Steer’s Gold and Silver Digest– great information on the PM market.  Subscriber get charts, much trading info, commentary and links to other interesting articles,  5 days per week for  at $100 per year.


The following is a great graphic/visualization of different markets- silver is the smallest listed: has good commentary about the silver market. The articles that Ted Butler makes public are often put on this site and I think Ed Steer puts his Saturday article on this site.

Kitco is a good place to go for both live and historical gold and silver prices. Following is a link to the Live Silver Price.

Another site that has information about silver and gold.

The Silver Institute publishes much info about silver including the Supply and Demand info that I have used often on this site.

The latest Silver Institute annual survey is at: