QuickSilver is the term I’m using here for the method that beginners can use to get “up to speed” in The Silver Story.  Yes, it is a slang term used for mercury and if you have a better term to use for silver story beginners please let me know. 

I have been planning and thinking about this website for a couple of years.  For most of that time I wanted to make the website for everyone no matter their level of silver knowledge.  I still want to do that, but in a different way.  The knowledge and the history of silver is out there.  If you don’t KNOW much about silver and want to learn why I think silver has the potential to be the best investment of any for the average person then I urge you to spend a few hours reading some of the links to articles that I will provide.  I will have articles and links in this section that will provide you a lot of information that I think is very important.  I try to stick to the facts (as I see them) and not speculate or assume. 

I’m sure there are some stocks or other investments that will do better than silver, but at what risk?  A very good investment advisor could give you a list of what they think are the top 10 (non-silver) investments and my guess if you look at them in 5 years- some would be up some down and the average return would not be anywhere close to the return on silver.  Investigate, understand the current state, use logic and common sense, decide for yourself if silver is something that you want to own.

One thing up front that I will say about silver is- silver is very volatile and probably will be more so the higher the price goes.  So, again, while I’m not an investment adviser, I think most investment advisors would say don’t risk more than you can afford to lose. I believe that the volatility will be more to the upside than down, but it can make for a wild ride.   

Many people look at gold and silver as a “store of wealth”.  It can be that.  What will happen if we get high inflation or the dollar crashes?  Yes, people may end up relying on PMs (precious metals) as money and that would be very bullish for PMs.  But, I am not counting on that type of scenario for the price of silver to sky rocket.  When carefully investigating silver you will find-

  • the physical available ounces of silver bullion is less than that of gold bullion
  • over 70% of silver supply (mined & recycled) is consumed by industrial/fabrication use (see Supply & Demand)
  • silver is the only commodity that has both significant uses and is also an investment
  • silver price has been manipulated to the downside for the last 20-30 years (see Manipulation)
  • every manipulation must end and when it does the price will move quickly and significantly in the opposite direction of the manipulation
  • the 8 largest short sellers on the COMEX have sold short over 300moz. of silver which is over a year of silver available supply (SAS) after what is used by industry/fabrication. (see Why not us?)

So, you want to learn more about silver.  You want to determine if silver is a good investment for you.  I recommend the following:

  • I encourage EVERYONE of any level of knowledge of silver to go to the following site. This site is a great graphic/visualization of different markets and really gives a unique perspective on the silver market:
  • Go to https://www.butlerresearch.com/ . As I have said I find the silver story fascinating and would recommend a subscription to Butler Research to anyone who wants to learn more about silver as an investment. But, the first step might be to investigate the section on his website “Free Archive”. This section has articles that Butler has published publicly going back to 2009. I think that most anyone who spent a few hours reading these articles and applied some logic would see how the facts that I listed above can be proved and make silver a tremendous investment opportunity. Butler used to write for Investment Rarities Inc. and that site has the above articles and by Butler all the way back to 2000 at https://www.investmentrarities.com/theodore-butler-silver-archives/
  • Check out my other LINKS for more info and sites.
  • I want to get this site published ASAP. So, I am not going into the detail that I plan to over the next few weeks and months. If interested, please start your silver investigation with the above resources, but I plan to pick out links to individual articles that tell the story and explain where we are at. Please revisit this website to find new info.