Updated 3/1/21

I believe that to prove many of the Facts and Assumptions what needs to happen is much more public awareness that will then create increased investment demand. I think the following actions would help increase that public awareness:

  1. We need an additional silver sales of 10 million ounces (maybe less) of investment silver sales per month for a few months.
    1. At current prices this is “only” about $250 million per month.
    2. Silver is tight now, with an additional 10 million ounces of sales per month it would get tighter, the price starts rising, causing more investment buying.
    3. See my post on Physical Silver Supply and Available Silver Production for Investment (ASPI)
  2. Spread the word. How do we make this knowledge go viral?
    1. Tell your friends and family to follow this web site.
    2. Do you know any investigative reporters? I would think that any business reporter who spent a couple hours investigating this story would know that they have the scoop of the century.
    3. Do you know any hedge fund managers or employees that want to make some big bucks? I get the impression that hedge funds are afraid that they will anger some big banks. I think they probably will if they trade against the bank’s positions. My take is that if the manipulation is ended and exposed, these banks will be just trying to stay in business and won’t be in position to dole out much “punishment”.
  3. Post links and info on social media. I have been posting some on Reddit, Twitter & Facebook and have seen the traffic to this website increase. On Reddit I have found the communities Bullion, SilverSqueeze & Wallstreetsilver to have many like minded people reading and posting. I tried to post on Silverbugs, but pretty much got kicked out. It seems like their main focus is showing off their “stacks” which is fine, but apparently they don’t want the price to go up because then they couldn’t buy as much to stack.
  4. If you know anyone that works for the CFTC, silver producers, silver users or silver traders- please refer them to this site and ask them to comment based on their knowledge.
  5. Trade some (or all) of your gold for silver. The silver/gold ratio has been at all-time highs. It has been over 100:1 and currently (3/1/21) is around 65:1. See GOLD for more info and thoughts on the Au/Ag ratio and why it makes so much sense to trade gold for silver.
  6. Develop an “Elevator Pitch” for silver. A quick pitch that you can use that would encourage the silver newbie to learn more about silver or buy silver. Same thing for Twitter- develop some Tweets that you can use to generate interest in silver. I will post some of my ideas for these.
    1. Sample Silver Elevator Pitch: “I think the price of silver will go up by 400% or more. 75% of silver mined and recycled goes into industrial use and fabrication and that leaves only 22 million ounces per month for investment demand. Industrial demand is increasing because of solar panels, batteries and electronics. Investment demand is increasing because of awareness of silver supply and demand fundamentals. Read Ted Butler to learn more.”
  7. What are your ideas for Actions we can take to make the public more aware of silver? Please post comments or send me an email- [email protected]. I believe in “crowd wisdom” and that is why I started the Silver Price Survey. I think that working together we can “spread the word”.